Sea of rubbish after horizon

Sea of rubbish

Ocean pollution is not only floating plastics, but also pesticides and dust from land. Human activity destroys the oceanic ecosystems in many other ways, writes in the “Review” by Mateusz Mazzini.

  • In the vicinity of Hawaii drifts a great stain of rubbish, which is more than five times greater than Polish. “Floating dumpster” is also located east of the coast of Japan
  • At the moment, the disturbing size of litter blobs There are also already North Atlantic and east of Australia
  • Research shows that most of the waste has been produced in factories in China and Japan
  • This is not the only problem. Seas are becoming increasingly acidified, and large quantities of pesticides spuszczane to the oceans by large-scale industrial agriculture

The Great Pacific Stain, which is a huge aggregate of mainly plastic waste, drifting roughly halfway between Hawaii and the US coast, is a phenomenon so widely known and precisely described as having become one of Popkulturowych symbols Fight for a clean environment. The floating dump of more than five times the Polish is now composed of more than 2 trillion individual elements and has reached a total mass of over 80 thousand. Tonnes. This data last year published scientists involved in the ocean Cleanup, start-up technological-science initiative trying to clean the seas and oceans from plastic by fishinging the rubbish from the water with huge networks.

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