Japan wants to build 36 (!) new coal power plants.


In the context of the emotion that emerged from the decision to build a single coal power plant in Ostrołęka, it is worth pointing out that in Ultranowoczesnej Japan only 8 completely new coal-fired power plants have been in operation for the last 2 years, and within The next 10 years, Japanese energy companies have built a further 36 (!). On the development of the Japanese coal industry the financial sector has put the equivalent of 40 billion dollars. If someone talks about the “end of the coal age” then it certainly won’t happen in the country of cherry blossoms.

Many recently spoke of the need to move away from coal-producing electricity. Some studies even pointed to the close “end of the coal age”. However, when we look at the official statistics of the world’s coal consumption in energy production, it remains to be seen that the Żepogłoski imminent death mine fuel are at least exaggerated. In the case of the ultranowoczesnej economy, Japoniimożemy even talk about the full renaissance of the coal-based energy.

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