Our experts

Dr Hab. Inż. Marcin Lutyński-holds the position of Professor extraordinary in Technical University of Silesia, specializing in the field of clean coal technologies, uptake and storage of CO2, mineral sorbents and use of waste in the economy of circulation and carbon gasification technology.

Dr. Robert Jagodziński-holds a PhD in Management degree (DBA), specializing in project and human resources management and enterprise engineering. He has many years of experience as an energy efficiency specialist and in a closed-loop waste management.

Dr Tomasz Siudyga-works at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and chemistry of the University of Silesia in Katowice. He specializes in the field of chemical technology, waste management and catalytic processes. Laureate of several international and national awards for technological solutions in the field of chemical and environmental industries

Dr. Ing. Jan Szpyrka-is deputy head of the Department of mineral processing and utilization of waste, at the Faculty of Mining and Geology of Silesian University of Technology. He is also vice-Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Polish Committee for Standardization No 226 Mechanical processing of coal. He is also a member of the Mining Commission in the Mineral Processing section of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Katowice.

Mgr Inż. Wojciech Urbańczyk has a higher education in the field of chemical technology with Karbochemia specialties and clean coal technologies. He is currently pursuing scientific research projects and a doctorate in the field of industrial combustion by-products according to the pri
nciples of the raw materials economy in a closed circulation.

Mgr Inż. Paweł Woszczyk-has higher education in the field of electrical engineering with Elektroenergetyka specialities. He completed postgraduate studies in safety, hygiene and environmental protection at the high School of Environmental protection in Radom and in the field of project management at Warsaw School of Economics.

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